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About AISF

An Indian Traditional Martial Art In ancient days, pre historic man used a bamboo stick to protect himself from approaching animals and inimical humans. Because of its usefulness, they always had the stick with them. When they went in search of food, they had to walk long distances. Playfully they swirled the sticks that they carried with them. As and when some inimical humans attacked them with sticks, they had to defend themselves with sticks. Thus a kind of fighting with sticks began to develop. All India Silambam Federation (AISF) is the only National Federation for Silambam Sports in India duly affiliated with World Silambam Federation (WSF), Asian Silambam Federation (ASF), and South Asian Silambam Federation (SASF). AISF is also recognised by School Games Federation of India –SGFI on 2014. AISF has 26 State / Province Members all over India along as a Corporate Members. All India Silambam Federation (AISF) is a strong full affiliated Founding member of World Silambam Federation (WSF).

AISF have more than 300 approved Clubs/Style Silambam School / Academy's of different Silambam styles in over all India. AISF has a strength of 25 WSF and 40 ASF qualified Referees/Judges and 32 WSF accredited/Certified Coaches Under the Presidentship of Mr. S.S.SIVASANKAR Ex.MLA., and General Secretary Mrs.B.IRIN.